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Friday, July 30, 2010

Fish soup and pusit

Last Thursday I was craving for a fish soup (sinigang na isda). I rummage the freezer because I knew I've had some fish there and I am so right. It was a tuna and its frozen to the bones ^_^. Every time this happens I could not help but think in the Philippines. Though I lived in the city but our fish market has fresh fish everyday. Every morning I used to go the market and look what's the best fish and the most fresh of all. And then when I get home I will make a fish soup. 
Well since here in the US specially here in MI I don't have the privilege argh! But all my veggies are fresh just like my horse radish, tomatoes, bell pepper. Yup they come out from my garden and a pot! Then I feel like eating something salty so I rummage again my freezer and found pusit that I bought in Cebu the last time I visited Philippines and that was last year. Here are my photos!
horse radish (malungay)
bell pepper and tomatoes

PUSIT (dried squid)
Fish soup (sinigang/tinola na isda)

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UMMA said...

wOW Manang Kim.. naa kay malunggay? I can only use frozen malunggay here in Asian market and its expensive. hahaha..

{Drooling} seeing the fish soup.. galing mo talaga magluto.. from scrath to delish. And the pusit.... waaahh.. i could smell it from here :)

Manang Kim said...

I forgot the name sa sinigang sa bisaya tinola man diay to hehe. Thanks Mommy Umma sa pahinumdom.

imriz said...

hi, manang, (can i call u that? my mom's an ilocana, and all my cousin older than me, we used to call "manang")
ur pics suggest: PARA KA LANG ANDITO SA PINAS! w/ maluggay (sarap sa tinola nyan) at kamatis,at pusit...
tama si umma, hmmmm, drooling here, too:)

☺lani☺ said...

sarap naman, di man lang ako nakatikim ng sinigang last week lol, puro kasi kainan eh!

Bogie said...

Wow Mommy Kim! Your malunggay looks so fresh and looks healthy too!

Yummy Sunday is hosted at Bogie's Wonderland

Have happy weekend!

Fe said...

wow, sarap naman nito te Kim, i really like dried squid.

His Unfailing Love said...

hmmm... sarap talaga nito Kim, lalo na ang squid.

Creativity is Beauty said...

I love malungay too, kasama ang squid, lalong pinasarap...

kimmy said...

wow! i love pusit..

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