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Sunday, April 13, 2014

Blue Sky

                   Nothing can beat a blue sky. This was taken last week when we had this beautiful sunset....

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Miswa with Fish/shrimp Balls

I am so happy the Asian store that I used to go is selling fish, shrimp balls. In the Philippines it is one of street food that is very famous and common to all. It is not too expensive people could afford to buy it. Since I do not have the sauce for my fish and shrimp balls yet I cooked misua or miswa with white squash (patola). The procedure of this is very easy. Saute garlic, onion and tomato. Then put the water let it boil. Then mix the sardines ( Philippine sardine) and the meat balls let it boil. Then mix in the vegetable you want to put I put mine patola and young bokchoy (petchay). I let it simmer till the fish balls is cooked. Eat hot and with rice.

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Sunday, March 30, 2014

Blue Monday

Today our temperature almost reaches to 50F here in Michigan it is a big thing here. I cannot wait to get out and clean my flower and vegetable garden. But for now I like to look back last fall when bunch of friends went there for a weekend getaway.

                                                             At Mackinac Island

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Thursday, March 27, 2014

Shrimp and Cabbage

Why I like to cook than bake is because in cooking I do not have to measure all the ingredients. If  I get hungry and I do not have any plans on cooking gourmet or great dish for hubby I ransacked the fridge or pantry to find what I can cook. The other day I was craving for shrimp but I do not like it just fry shrimp I like to mixed it with any vegetable. I do have cabbage I thought this would do. So here is what I got from yesterday..shrimp, cabbage, onion and garlic.

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Old Building

                         I do not know about your area but here in Michigan in my neck of woods it is still cold and we even have flurries and rain today. I already like to go out and take photos but seems I cannot yet. I took this photo last year when we go up north.

                             As you can see it here the barn has a signage and says 1902 old barn

                                                                 An Old School building 1883

These was taken last year. Hubby and I went to Huckleberry Village here in MI. At first I did not know what to expect but when we were there it was really pretty there. Genesee County people took time, money and effort to gather all old buildings in there area. They put all old buildings that they can find in one village which is now called Huckleberry Village. How they rebuild the houses and building is beyond me but I am thankful that we have something to look at and that is so nice.

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