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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Sitaw guisado with summer squash

Grabe na ang multi-tasking ko dito, as of this writing I am currently doing my laundry and had to put the washed towels outside to be dry out by the sun (they smell good). And then I am online in my facebook to harvest my crops in farmville, farmtown, sunshine ranch and check my restaurant and check my house in yoville! And most of all I am cooking!! Gutom na ako at para hinde ma pasma ang aking beauty I have to cook and here is what I come up for todays lunch and dinner later hehe.

The ingredients are:

  1. pork (cut in cubes)
  2. onions
  3. garlic
  4. sitaw
  5. zucchini
  6. salt and pepper to taste

Saute the onion first then when it turns transparent put the garlic. Put the meat and let it turn brown then put a little water just to let the meat get tender and cover. When the meat is tender put together the zucchini and sitaw cover again. After about 2 minutes put salt and pepper to taste. If the vegetables are tender and the meat you are done. That is how simple this dish is. Happy eating.


MaRyA said...

superwoman! hehehe kasalanan ng facebook to! kung ano anong apps kasi hehehe. sarap ng kalabasa!

Rossel said...

sarap nito manang kim. ulam namin noong isang araw.

Manang Kim said...

Hi marya oo nga naku tong Facebook ang may kasalanan, nalito na ako kung anong uunahin ko hehe.

Rossel said...

meron ding akong facebook account. at grabe na-addict ako noon sa farm town. ngayon tinamad na ako kase nabili ko na lahat ng gusto! yoville naman nilalaro ko.

pwede ba kita add? or add me na lang...Rossel Dacio

Manang Kim said...

Hi Ross, favorite ko ang sitaw sayang lang wala akong garden this year di ako maka-pag freeze this.

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