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Friday, August 21, 2009

Biko anyone??

A friend of mine Mary went to the Philippines for a 3 weeks vacation that is a good news right? But the sad news is that when she come back to US she won't come back to Michigan rather she is going to Las Vegas(her point of entry) because they are moving to Arizona. So after all the packing and everything she gave me a huge pack of glutenous rice a pack of grated cassava (she want's me to cook huh) lol! Anyway, I was so thankful of the glutenous rice and the cassava and as we parted ways and as we said our goodbyes we both like to cry but I choose not to cry it will be just hard for both of us (sad). Anyhow, I made a biko the other day and as I make it I keep on thinking of her I don't know if she is already in Arizona or is still in the Philippines. Here is the picture of my biko or rice cake.


FaYe said...

kugihan man ka kaayo moluto oi! last time nako kaon ug biko didto sa phil. independence day bbq party. old friend of mine gave me biko.

Manang Kim said...

Hello Faye, kugihan gyud ko moluto as in cooking is one of my passion hehehe! But don't let me bake ha kay di ko kabalo anang baking hehe.

imriz said...

favorite ng hubby ko ito, ska ng mom ko, she USED to cook it w/ lots of latik.(?)

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