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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Sea Bass Recipe

     I am Asian and I cannot live with out eating rice and fish. When I was in the Philippines fish and rice is the staple food. When I got here in the US, I hardly find fish that is fresh but soon I found out some stores are selling fish and I get very excited. My husband never thought I could be happy just by looking at the fish haha. There are so many kinds of fish. Here in Michigan, I rarely eat fish that comes from the sea rather it came from fresh water or I have to look at the grocery store for a certain fish for that matter.

     One my favorite fish is sea bass. My husband sees fish as the same but not me. I told him one time there is a certain taste from a sea fish compare to a fresh fish. Just yesterday, I happen to find a sea bass recipes and I am so excited to try it for myself many great british chefs love sea bass fish. I think because they knew this kind of fish has a remarkable taste. Right now  I am planning to visit the fish market and look for sea bass since recipes for sea bass  is easy to access for me now and I have bookmark the page. Friends try to look for the sea bass recipe too I am sure you are going to enjoy it.

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