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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

A Dream Home

Would you mind to live somewhere in Arizona? Are you a kind of person who loves son 365 days? One of my sister in law's house is in Arizona and every winter here in Michigan they go down to spend the winter there. One time we had this snow storm and she called us and we told her that we had a snow storm. She just laughed because she is talking right in front of the swimming pool enjoying the sun. Do you think I was not jealous about that? Lol!! We were that hubby told me next winter we are going to go with them. I will be happy if that would be the case.
Right now there are many houses that you could choose from most specially  those people who like a waterfront homes in Arizona. Sometimes the name Arizona connotes with just open deserted place but you are wrong guys and gals they have waterfront homes too. Actually, it is my dream to have a house close to the water or a waterfront house. For me, water gives a calmer effect and it is very nice to think that in full moon you can go outside and listen to the sounds of your surrounding while looking at the calm water in front of you.  I  only wish that this winter hubby and I will go down to Arizona where his sister live and stay there for the whole winter.  I love winter and snow but if it takes months I am so done with it. ^_^


IMRIZ said...

yup, thought, too that arirona is akin to cacti and desserts and cowboys:)

Albert Einstein☺ said...

I really love too. I want to free myself from this country. Experience another niche and dwell on it forever.

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