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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Essay Writing

When I came here in the US my hubby’s relatives asked me how I learned to speak English. I told them I taught English language since Day Care or Prep school all the way to College. In fact, when I was in high school we ought to speak in English and if caught speaking our native language we are fine. Do you think that is not ridiculous? Anyhow, the reason of doing so is to raise money for some projects in the classroom. However, we just whisper to each other’s ears and nobody was caught hahaha. Then our medium of instruction since Prep school to college is in English. The only subject that our subject teacher will not speak in English is of course, our national language, which is Filipino. In fact, Filipino language is much harder to learn than English is.
It was in high school that I learned how to do essay writing. I remember our teacher Ms. M; she is very strict on us in pursuing that we have to learn correct spelling, grammar and all the rules in essay writing. At that time, I do not have the thought of writing essay for career what is in my mind is to pass the subject. In high school, we have English subject from first year to fourth year and then we have English Elective, which I cannot remember what we do with English Elective. I find it interesting to learn English when in high school this particular teacher is very good in making the subject interesting for us to learn. She did not impose on us to do this and that rather she guides us all the way, until we understand why a sentence and a paragraph come into existence. Later do I know that there is what we call essay writing service and I find it very nice to learn again. One of my favorite subjects in high school is Literature but I am not at ease in writing poem or prose. I told my husband my vocabulary is limited but he encourages me but I shunned on doing it. Learning is an ongoing process. I believe that everyday we have to learn something and never stop looking for one.


Arvin U. de la Peña said... not good in english.....kaya hindi ko gusto ang subject na literature,hehe...

Scriptor Senex said...

If I was as good at Filipino as you are at English I would be so proud of myself.

xinex said...

I sure remember these days, Kim. Stop by when you have a chance. I am having a giveaway....Christine

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