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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Steamed chicken then fried

I remember my Chinese Uncle steamed his chicken. My regret is that I didn't asked anything why and what seasoning he put that it makes it yummy. I know for sure I can't recreate that dish since I think that's some kind of a Chinese special dish. But then I got an idea that I started to take out my steamer and steamed my chicken then fry it.

 I put here some dried herbs on the water inside the steamer.

                           This is already done steaming for an hour. But this was frozen when I start to steam and I think it has to be thawed because it looks like the inside is not cooked from  the steamed.

                                                       Then I fry it. Here is the result.


Lyndsey said...

How was it? Did it taste like you expected? I like the seasoning that you used, it sounds good.

imriz said...

ur steamer looks wonderful,manang kim...i wonder how a leche flan looks like when i use that:)))

Kim, USA said...

Hi Lyndsey, it didn't get my 100% approval. There is something lacking in it, I am thinking I should used a fresh meat since I used the frozen one and steamed it right away, then I am suspecting I am not using fresh oil, but would do it again and add some herbs and seasoning to it. Thanks for the comment!

Kim, USA said...

Hi Riz you know what I have not tried making leche flan in this steamer but I think it will do good because the shape of the steamer has the same shape of the llanera. Pero like to try to make leche flan in this steamer para alam ko kung ok ang luto nya ^_^

Rosadimaggio63 said...

Hi Kim
questo cibo deve essere veramente gustoso !!
Grazie della visita e un augurio di felice anno 2011 a te.
Che sia un anno portatore di serenità, pace nel mondo e tranquillità economica per tutti :)
Buona giornata :)

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