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Monday, January 3, 2011

Sargento cheese

I tell you what since I was young I love cheese. I remember every time my mom who is a teacher received her paycheck we will go to the store and she will bought us cheese stick. My brother and I love it as if no other good stuff exist in this world hehe.
When I first went to a huge supermarket here in the US I was so amazed how many different kind of cheeses are there. I immediately look for the cheese stick and of course I did found it but there are so many choices to choose from. So what I did I bought one after the other and at the end I knew what I like best it's the Sargento cheese. I broaden my liking to low fat cheese and natural cheese. Did I knew that when I was small of course not! I only thought of one thing cheese is cheese lol!! So when I tried Sargento cheese products I love it. I think they are the best cheese makers ever.  
I won't let our refrigerator without a cheese inside. I love to eat it with out any crackers and at the same time I like to serve it with friends with crackers. At night I will prepare it with wine and hubby love it!! So nibble your cheese but it should be a Sargento!!

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