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Sunday, December 26, 2010

My first pumpkin bread

I had a short hiatus this week and now I am back to blogging world. Last Christmas eve we had an all American dish which I prepared. And it was my first time to make a pumpkin bread here it is.
mix all the ingredients
                                                                put it in a bread pan

                                                                      still hot!!

                                                               Ain't that look yummy??
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kimmy said...

wow! i wish i could make something like that! Merry Christmas, Manang! said...

hi manang kim! thanks for the visit... and your bread really looks yummy... very healthy too, for sure! happy holidays!

K said...

hello manang kim. tnx for the visit. wish I'd be able to try your pumpkin bread. it looks tasty ;-)

Perfectly Blended said...

what a yummy bread. Congrats for a job well done!

Mona said...

looks yummy, i hope i can make my own, i'm not really a good cook!

wenn said...


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