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Monday, November 15, 2010

Best online coupons

At the church yesterday after the mass a lector announced about the Thanksgiving holiday. The next day is what we call Black Friday. The first time I saw how the people lined up to wait for the store to opened I am so amazed how they ran and pushed and shoved people just to get on item. For me I can't do that, I don't want to be shoved or pushed or hollered just for a single toy????!!  Anyway, at the church it says, to those we are going to do Black Friday shopping the church going to have a baby sitting service and it's open at 6am to 10pm to watched for the kids, whohahaha!! How cool is that huh?? But for me I'd rather seat in front of my laptop and do online shopping. Online shopping for me has more deals because Harry and David coupons offers a lot of it. I also found out that Harry and David Gift Baskets is the coolest site to look for coupons. Much so with the Harry and David coupon codes that you can get right there in front of you. And often we can find more items online than going to the store. And I hope people would do more online shopping and know that coupons and codes are available anytime for them to grab.

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