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Monday, November 15, 2010

Wedful creation

Last year hubby and I attended two weddings. His two sons got married (both)  for a second time lol! Getting married may it be the simplest reception or the lavish one entails a lot of preparation and money of course. I didn't know that bride to be had to find  their wedding dress a year before the wedding and start to do crash dieting ^_^. But I like attending wedding. Something is this celebration that makes it very sweet and memorable.
The two weddings are different in many ways. The bride to be to my DH youngest son is giving all her time and planning everything a year before their wedding. In their reception it was not a cheap one because everything that I see is fancy. After their honeymoon she emailed us all to check out the website she made. And it was in I am in awed it was so pretty!! Love it so much that I am thinking of marrying my hubby again hahaha.
And because of what she did many of our relatives asked what she did and how she did it. She told us that it was just easy because to create a wedding site in this time and generation it just take to visit a site and voila you own a website.
Now one of my DH granddaughter is going to get married next year and she is encourage to the same create a wedding site and I so agree with it, it's just so pretty and everything is in there. Love it!

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