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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Tortang talong (fried eggplant)

A friend of mine planted a lot of eggplant this year. I also planted 5 eggplants but until now it didn't produce anything. And Summer is almost over I am afraid my eggplant will never give me anything  this year.
My friend called twice already if I want eggplants and string beans of course what can I say but yes! So I drove to her house twice to picked up the free vegetables. 
Because I love vegetables I immediately fry the three eggplants. And since I don't have to grill it in the charcoal I broil the eggplant inside an oven. It is easy, clean and more convenient for me.
 How to do it? I set my oven to broil. On a baking sheet I lay my eggplants. I poke the eggplants several time with a fork, in order not to burst. Put inside the baking sheet with the eggplants on it. Check the eggplants from time to time if it looks like wither, don't over broil the eggplant. When it is done, take out the cooking sheet, ( be careful it's very hot) scoop with a fork the eggplant then wash it with cold water. Put it in a plate then start to peel the skin. When it is already skinned, mash the eggplant with you fork. With the top still intact. Scrambled an egg, I seasoned it with salt and pepper and garlic powder, then dip the mashed eggplant. In a frying pan, heat the oil, when it's hot put the mashed eggplant and let it fry. You are done!! 
This is one of my favorite dish!
frying the eggplant

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