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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Tea Talk

                                     I'm having....a tea bubble as they call it at Fuji Restaurant.
My teacup/glass  of tea bubble is I think made of milk, some coloring and at the bottom is a tapioca.

I'm feeling blessed and thankful. That amidst of all the trials and tribulations God is there for us. He showed us that HE is in control, when we start to let HIM do it.

On my mind is a song "Shine Jesus Shine".

I am linking to Tea Talk


Ruth said...

Hello Manang Kim. Thanks for joining "Tea Talk" this week. Your tea looks intriguing. I haven't seen such kind in any Japanese resto here.

It's good to know you are feeling blessed and thankful. We both have beautiful songs in our mind :-)


Katia said...

I have never had this tea before, pretty picture. I am glad you are feeling blessed. May your day continue to be a blessed one.

Mrs. Santos said...

Enjoyed having tea with you...Yes, God IS in Control and what a blessing. That is an interesting drink...I have seen it before but have been too "scared" to try it. Maybe I will soon now.

kim said...

wow! looks really refreshing...

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