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Monday, August 16, 2010

I discover something

Now I could tell that if I am angry or mad I am inclined to cook and cook. I think it's my way of venting and ranting hahaha. Anyhow, this morning I was mad or angry (doesn't matter) but my voice raise up hubby told me to relax. If I did checked my blood pressure I bet it's way up high the blood pressure might explode hahaha. Anyhow, yes I did cooked. But this food that I am going to show is not what I cooked today this is what I had last weekend when hubby and I went for blueberry picking.
 Isn't it yummy? I can't wait to go back to this  particular Chinese restaurant again. Their food is awesomeness! ^_^


Rossel said...

ay baliktad tayo ate kim. ako naman pag naiinis hindi ko sila ipinagluluto, wala ako sa mood. it's either mago-open ako ng canned goods or oorder ko ng food. hmmm. mukha ngang masarap ito a.

xinex said...

That does look good, Manang Kim....Christine

kim said...

hmmm.. that really looks good manang, what is it called?

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