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Friday, July 23, 2010

Apple dapple

For the past four days I've been eating rice. It's the left over from the open house last Saturday. Hubby is the one making the fried rice and I just instructed him how to do it. He is making though at first he is a bit qualm on how to stir and how to chopped the garlic but through my loving instructions he got it right away lol!
But today I decided not to eat rice for a change? I looked at the pantry and here it is my favorite the apple dapple. It's a bit sweet but with the milk it doesn't taste too sweet. The thing with eating cereals in the morning I get hungry at 12noon, compared to rice I can go without eating the whole day until around 5 or 6 pm then my stomach starts to say I am hungry. Well that is for now I am hungry I have to fix something. I am thinking of cooking the zucchini and put a little bit of pork, hmm will see!

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