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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Money saver

I am a saver. I want to save anything that worth saving for. The first time I came here it was in the middle of fall 2004. From the country I came from we didn't have water heater or our house is insulated. When I got here I was so surprised by how much every household spent a lot of money by their electric bills, heating gas, air-condition and other other stuff specially when the season change. That winter '04 hubby decided to change our insulation our home heating doesn't suffice the whole house because it has so many drafts  on the wall, windows and doors, I could feel it. I told hubby we are just wasting our money in purchasing propane gas but our house is not sealed too well. Thinking of how much we spent paying bills for what it seems like a lose is so hurting. Thankfully he did his work and the next thing I do is to change all our bulbs to an energy efficiency quality.More so I asked hubby if we could change our refrigerator and washing machine to an energy efficiency appliances too. We didn't change it so drastically because of financial matter but the bulbs we change it immediately and I noticed there was a change of our electric bill.  I am the one who is very particular in our power consumption, every bills that comes in our household I see to it  if we save or consume much.  The number one that I look immediately is our electric bills because it has the heating included in it. Thankfully because we do make many changes to save energy around our household and of course by the help of this website Microsoft-hohm we are enjoying the savings we get. 

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