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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

I wanna ride too

Are you a person who love to watched rodeo? Hubby and I loves watching it and oftentimes we laugh and giggled, sometimes we say ouch because some players to fell off the horse and sometimes they are tramped by by the heavy animal. The other day my BIL who lives in Texas called my hubby and asked him if we could come and visit them in San Antonio, Texas. With this kind of weather here I so love to go down south where no trace of snow I could see ^_^. As they talked over the phone my BIL asked my DH if we like to watch rodeo because he already got a tickets to concerts at the Houston Rodeo, hubby called me immediately and asked me right here if I like to, of course I do I answered him. My BIL was laughing at the other end of the phone because he said I never let one second to passed without answering. Of course, that is Houston plus rodeo what can I asked for more, that would be an exciting vacation and I bet I will enjoy watching it.  

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