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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Got to have insurance

With this kind of economy we've got now have how many of us can afford to have an insurance?  It is very kind of hard to find an insurance company who really give a good service and will really surely helps us understood what it is all about. Different people has different needs in terms of buying an insurance. Hubby and I are one of those who has a different choices of what to get for insurance. We don't have children but we do own a home and of course our life is very important to us more so our health too. Hubby called his cousin who lives in Connecticut and along their chit-chatting over the phone their conversation came about insurance. His cousin knew about  Homeowners Insurance Somers, CT. Him and his wife were really happy about their choice of home insurance. Hubby asked him if their life insurance are also good in what they expect to be and his cousin said absolutely super, him and his wife had their life insurance very well prepared. And in their place they knew about Life Insurance Somers, CT and Life Insurance Tolland, CT. I realize even if our economy is not doing well but it dawn on me that life insurance is a must!

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