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Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Is it necessary even for young girls or boys to get an eye check-up? Every time I am in the mall or any public places and saw young girls and boys wore an eyeglasses I felt pity for them. Well because I thought that wearing an eyeglasses is not appropriate for young kids. But I was so wrong then because my cousins has this problem about his son. He is not dumb or poor in school but she and the teacher thought she had a problem reading. Then she found out why, it's because my nephew has this defect in his eyes that is why he doesn't like reading. So after an eye examination and he got his first eyeglasses there was a huge turn about change in him, he started to read comics and books. So that is when I also decided that all my nieces and nephew to get an eye check-up just in case they do need an eyeglasses too.
For me, I won't drive specially at night without my eyeglasses if I don't have it I won't drive. I started to have wore an eyeglasses when I was in college but it was only a correction eyeglass. But after too much reading and doing handcrafting at night I noticed that my eyes are not the same as when I was young. So that is when I went to a doctor for an eye check-up. Thankfully I owned several eyeglasses but they are not expensive ones they are cheap but it serves the purpose head on.

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