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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Homebuyer tax credit

Hey guys don't you know that this is the right time for people who are first time home buyers to purchase a house because you will have a privileged of a Home Buyer Tax Credit how cool is that. And that is not also for just a first timer buyer but also to those who live in their house for 5 or 8 years just like us wohooo!! When I found this privilege I told my hubby why not we gonna get a new house and then will let our current house be rented. Good idea huh! Hubby just nod and he was thinking deep. I hope he is thinking about what I suggested and oh my I would be in cloud nine if we start to do house hunting ^_^. 
Yesterday, my step daughter dropped by and we talked about her son Mike. She said that Mike was so interested to get a house now because he is planning to marry his fiancee for years now. The other day they were scouting some properties within our area and he found one that is close to a lake. My step daughter said he knew that he will get the Home Buyer Tax Credit because it's his first time. And he was so ecstatic about it knowing that privilege. My step daughter showed us the picture of the property and I so love it too. It's close to a lake, all the bedrooms are on the 2nd floor, it has a detached room for guest and the back part of the house is facing the lake oh you could see how beautiful it is there.
This morning my step daughter called her Dad telling us that Mike make an offer of the property. His mom and dad are crossing their fingers and so are we that Mike could get this house for I think it fits him and his soon to be bride. Why not!!

                                                            Enlarge your house with glue

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