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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Value of Nothing

My SIL send this video to me through email and she noted to watched it immediately as in ASAP. So I click the video and then I started to have goosebumps. The message is so clear, precise and simple that anybody even an elementary school grader could understand it. The video is awesome it amazes me.
The title is so catchy too Value of Nothing by .Raj Patel..hmmm I pause for awhile after watching the video and with a deep thought I said yeah what is my value and does value is conduit with a price? I am with friends almost every weekend we go malling or just eat somewhere. And in our discussion people tend to put a high regard to a person if her stuff cost much like branded purses, clothes or shoes. But what really makes a person valuable is that what she or he rode? Or live? Or wear? Can we put a price to each persons head and just by seeing his/ her outside look then we value him or her? I think now a days we are too far from the reality that a slight of change of our comfortable lifestyle we scrambled and shout of change. But what change? Change of outlook in life or change to see in what makes a person or stuff valuable. Sometimes looking for an answer people end up facing a blank wall and that is depressing.
I had a good laugh when in the video the narrator said about how much he put a tag price on his brother ^_^. For me it was cute growing up with just one brother and one sister we tag along with friends in the playground. And guess what I value much my young brother that is somebody bullied him in the playground expect the big sister which is me to be there just like a lightning speed ready to protect him. Now I value my family memories I thought when in young age when you've got all the material things that is what makes you happy but no, there are many things in life that are essential but are invisible to our naked eyes.

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Jon T said...

These are my thoughts also. Thanks!

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