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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Seafood galore..

Everytime hubby and I went to dine out at any chinese restaurant I see to it that I eat a lot of seafood. Like crab legs, shrimp, octopus and etc. Eh kasi naman bihira lang naman akong magluto nang ganito sa bahay specially the crab legs eh ang mahal kaya per pound nito. One of our trip to chinese buffet restaurant I was so excited to see the shrimp and crab legs on lunch time menu because usually at lunch  time they don't put crab legs and shrimps rather it is only taken out at dinner time. So that day I pig out and I told my hubby this is a seafood galore day for me.  Here is the picture that I took enjoy!


♥peachkins♥ said...

my hubby loves shrimps while I love crabs. Kaya lang parang sumasakit ang batok ko pag kumakain ako ng aligue..Highblood..haha

FaYe said...

nindot man gyud ka ug mga pictures sa imo mga pagkaon oi!!! gutomons man lang ta.

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