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Monday, September 21, 2009

Dried fish with tomatoes...

I never thought that bulad or tuyo when you live in a foreign land is a sought after dish that pinoy are looking for. In PI we have  plenty of different kinds or variety of tuyo/bulad or dried fish specially when we visit the place of Cebu. In the place where I came from we have many varieties too since we are a bit close from Pagadian City. So everytime I went to visit my family back in PI I see to it that at least I could bring dried fish for my own consumption because I found out that in the Filipino store or any Asian store 4 pieces of tuyo (galungong) is worth almost $4!!! Yes that is how expensive dried fish here. So last Saturday was our get together again at Rowena's house, still the most requested dish that I have to bring is the "bulad" with tomatoes. Though I cooked some other dish like mongo with pork, maja blanca and pancit the bulad is the "queen" of all the dish.
Thankfully hubby was not around when I fry the bulad. I have a stove that I could bring outside of the house and fry the dried fish there but it was a bit chilly so I choose to fry it inside the house. When hubby came home he was still at the porch he knew I fry my ever favorite dried fish because as what he says it "stinks"!! LOL!! Eventhough I already opened the windows and lighted  some candles it still stinks but oh well he never get mad anyway, he only told me what ever you please go other words I am spoiled hehehehe!!


FaYe said...

mao sab na diri, kon naa moabot gikan sa pinas manawag dayon sa mga amiga nga naa cya dala bulad, abot mga amiga then kaon dayon ug bulad. mora ug pista pero bulad ang sud an.

Weng Forsgren said...

kalami sa imong bulad oi, now i remember na naa pa diay koy bulad sa frezer na nakalimtan na, kay nagcge nalang ko kaon og bagoong og paksiw dri

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