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Friday, February 1, 2013

Learn to Write

I was in high school that I like to write. I am always in awe to people who can write a poem or poetry and for me I can write stories. I remember in college I am always the one who write a story and we put it into a play. I love writing stories that I do it in just a matter of hours with music in the background it is very easy for me to compose a story.
Later through the years, I found out that writing is very most important in learning. I like to read too and that adds up in my knowledge of vocabularies. I learned in school to write many things like resume writing, essay writing but never thought that if given the knowledge and you are going to excel into it it will become a career. It is here in the US I found out that it would be a career move to learn copywriting, travel writing and resume writing from expert copywriters. Michael Masterson has a simple yet powerful five-step writing formula. I would love to get hold of this book because after the years of out in school there is a need for me to get back the knowledge that I learned from high school and college good thing that in this generation we can find a book like this without going back to school. In addition, it does not cost a lot of money too. What matters most is the interest to learn again and who knows it would be a career move. In Michael Masterson book you can learn to write sales letters from home using there, writing courses and programs, which are necessary for me as an example who wants to, go further in my writing skills. Right now, I am thankful of this book and hoping my friends would grab it too.

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joy said...

That book is for me too:)

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