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Tuesday, January 29, 2013


Do you like yogurt? Do you think on how a yogurt is process or made?  These past few weeks I am so sick hubby take good care of me. He is the one who go to the grocery store but I also have a nervousness feeling on what he is going to buy. Though I list the things, we made but we all know men do not like to wander around the store looking for a particular brand. Therefore, when he get home I was right in my feeling he did not get the particular brand that I so love? I told him the yogurt brand I like but he also told me there are so many branding displayed in the store he could not find my favorite yogurt brand. Though I was not happy of what he bought for me but for the thought that he went to the grocery store and took a lot of effort on looking for things that I listed was okay for me then.
However, have you thought of how they made the yogurt? I found a site who sells best frozen yogurt machine and in there site you can start up your yogurt making. They offer a start-up package, a start up guide and additional services for your business. I so love yogurt and reading what they offers ignite my curiosity I ask hubby to take a look of the site and he agrees it is very interesting. I so remember a friend of mine who once told me if I have a passion in life and if I can make money from it go for that passion. I think I have to try to learn what this yogurt making instill on me because I am interested on this one. I hope hubby will be supportive in the endeavor of mine. You can click here for more equipment to look at. 

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