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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Ember Woodfire Grill

     Valentines Day just pass but it does not mean we do not get out for dinner anymore. Hubby and I went to this restaurant for Valentines Day and we were there early to bet up the people who come late in the afternoon. It was good thing we came there after four o’clock because by dinnertime people are waiting at the lobby. I could not believe that on this day people go out to eat now I only not see couples but families going out on this beautiful day. I think Valentines Day is not just for lovers but also for the family who love each other. After our dinner, hubby and I went home and there on top of our dining table a flowers and a gift, is waiting for me. I am very thankful hubby is thoughtful I know it takes time for him to choose and decide what to give me but at the end, he did a good job. 
     I was talking to a friend who lives in New York and asked her where they go for Valentines Day. She told me living in New York is not a problem where to dine out since every corner of the city you can see good restaurants. However, she had a particular restaurant that she had not been to and the name of the restaurant is Ember Woodfire Grill the best Rochester restaurants in town. Hubby and I love to dine out from time to time and what I like to see in every restaurant is how good the food is. I like how they present a food and how it taste. If it were good, I would definitely come back. One thing I also considered in going to a restaurant is the ambience I like it when it is not noisy, has more specials catering to kids, and just having fun eating in a cozy restaurant is  a great feeling. My birthday is coming soon and I am looking for a good restaurant to spend with my hubby again.

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