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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Be Responsible

     I cannot believer we are almost at the end of the month of February. Time flies so past sometimes I forgot what I did the other day. It is not me alone who has this dilemma but to my hubby, families and friends too. Living here in Michigan in wintertime makes me feel have a cabin fever because I could not get out and drive wherever I go. I have to listen and find out about what is going on with the weather of the day. Therefore, therefore, sometimes hubby would bring me to places that I like to go and sometimes I do not like it. Sometimes I like to hop from one place to another to shop and men do not like it. One time he told me grab that things you like and off we go but women are not like that we like to look around and snoop around. Just like when we are looking for car insurance. We have three cars and this coming March we are going to pay the auto insurance. The cost of car insurance these days is high. I asked hubby last month to find good deals on insurance so we could at least save some money for our summer vacation. We have been to our insurance company for years but we never had any good deals for our three cars. The question that hubby ask me one time is what kind of insurance you need and I told him the cheapest one that does not cost a lot. You see we have been driving for years and thankfully, we never had a single accident. An auto insurance company should reward a driver like us who are responsible in there way of driving. Every time hubby and I are driving along interstate highway there are people who are driving there car like crazy they thought they own the road. Those people should be the one who has a high cost of insurance because they are not responsible. I hope that by the end of this week hubby can find a great deal for auto insurance that we could transfer right away to another company and I am crossing my fingers for that.

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