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Sunday, July 22, 2012

Flag Cases

     How is your weekend friend? As for me starting yesterday, I had so much fun. Yesterday, I went to two-birthday party one is for a one-year-old boy and the other one is for 60 years old woman. Both had lots of food thankfully I do not over eat instead I control my eating because I have to eat to another party. Today, after church we spend time at the lake with friends and watch boat race. Thankfully, hubby came with me and stayed with me the whole time. I like having fun with friends with hubby with me, I do not know but I just love he is there with me so our weekend was busy and fun altogether that no other activity could beat it.

     Yesterday, as we were at my hubby’s niece celebrating her 60th birthday we were talking about flag cases. The topic was open because I saw a flag case below the TV stand it is where the flag of Mr. R was keep. Mr. R. is my BIL; he is a veteran in the military when he passed away last year. The flag that was on top of the coffin were handed to my SIL after the ceremony I remember the funeral and it moved me so much I was crying remembering the more I shed tears when I saw two military men after the gun salute took and fold the flag and gave it to my SIL. The act was moving and it moves me a lot. That is why when I saw the flag inside the flag case we talk about it and thankfully nobody cry.

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