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Sunday, June 10, 2012

My Garden

Last Wednesday I arrived from a month long vacation in the Philippines. Hubby surprises me with a huge garden. He planted tomatoes, pepper, bokchoy/pechay, eggplant and cucumber. I was excited at the same time happy I love to plant and harvesting and cooking the fruit of your labor is an awesome feeling. Hubby is also making a new plot for me it is my herb garden getting excited with that too. Here is my garden.

Before I went to the Philippines I germinate plenty of Bokchoy seeds. When I get home last Wednesday this is what I saw so off I go to the garden and planted it right away. 

I thought I have more space in the garden but hubby told me he planted cucumber in there. So I decided to plant the Bokchoy in between the Bokchoy he planted. Anyways, Bokchoy could be harvested after 36 days. In fact, today I am going to harvest at least one for lunch ^_^

                              And I still have more pepper to plant and they are the hot one!!

1 comment:

xinex said...

Oh wow! What a great hubby and a wonderful surprise. I hope you had a nice trip!...Christine

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