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Monday, June 11, 2012

Be Happy

It is been my dream to volunteer abroad. The first time I try volunteering is when I was in my mid 20’s. The feeling that you help somebody is awesome. No words could describe the feeling. When you see the smile and hear the word “thank you” from the people that you help is more than any material things that you acquire. I do not wonder why many people who love to volunteer because volunteering for the sake of other people is a fulfillment.
The other day my cousin who lives in London told me that after several years of living in London, it was her first time to pass Great Ormond Street. I told her it is just a street.  What is significant about it? She told me it is a hospital for anybody but her reason to be there is to look if there is work. I told her if she can get work, in there that would be fine which I would love her to have one. She loves to shop that is why she needs work. Her favorite shift dress blueis one dress that she loves most. In addition, she is willing to spend money for it because she thought it has the best material and style. I cannot contradict her opinion because it is hers. One thing for sure I like her to be happy where she is now.

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