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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Mother's Day

Mother’s day is fast approaching and I could not help but think about my mother. She passed away eleven years ago and I still do miss her. Every day I always remember her more so in Mothers day. I so wish that she were still living with us because I for sure would pamper her and shower her with gifts. However, many women in my life that gives meaning to me. These women are there for me through thick and thin and they are all mothers. Today, I was browsing the internet for mother’s day gift I found serenata hampers very awesome. They had so many gifts to choose from and the price is very affordable. I called my cousin after I saw the site and asked her to check the site too. 
What also draws me to the site is because they also have flowers and plants that you could choose. It is like one stop shop and I like this way. I love flower and plants myself and I know many mothers would be happy to receive a beautiful bunch of flowers delivered at there doorstep. What about you friends do you know what to get this mothers day? 

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