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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Geek Gadgets

I cannot believe we are almost in the middle of the year. When was the last time we buy the latest gadget in town? I know many people who want to keep up with new gadgets. It is like a woman who likes to have a new shoes or bags every week! A friend of my brother who lives in California buys new gadgets especially when he receives great offers or huge discounts. Since I know him, I always send Amazon promotional codes to him when I got some. He did not hesitate to used it because as he says it is only his way of making himself happy, for the fact that he is single. This morning I send him the site where he could find all the new Geek Gadgets 2012 and AbeBooks coupons because aside from collecting cool gadgets he loves to read too. He emailed me back and thanked me for the opportunity that he could save money with all the stuff I sent to him. Well, that is what I least can do to share the bounty I have. I also love new gadgets and what I am looking for is a bit pricey so hubby and I have to talk about it first ^_^

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