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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Bitter Melon/Ampalaya

I was at a friends house having this scrumptious dish for lunch. Many Filipinos are familiar with this dish. We call it Ginisang Ampalaya with egg, or some call it sarciadong ampalaya. Ampalaya is a Filipino name for Bitter Melon. The taste of bitter melon is bitter that is why it is called bitter melon and my mom used to tell us we have to eat this dish. As a child it is the least dish I would eat but my mother has a way of cooking this dish so as not to taste bitter. Then she followed to tell us that this vegetable is good to people who are low in iron and as a child and growing we should eat it. Geez, it sounds like mandatory and we do not have any option at those time we have to eat. But mom has her ways of cooking this dish without tasting the bitterness and I missed it. It take years for me not eating Ampalaya stir fry, in my mind it's only my mothers dish that taste good and it is true. Now that I am big and accepted that those are memories I could keep since my mom passed away many moons ago then I started to eat this dish again. Sorry about this post it become mellow drama instead of being joyful. ^_^ Happy weekend everyone!

                                               This is how bitter melon looks like in fresh.
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Heather S-G said...

I've never tried a bitter melon...but I want to. I hope to find one one of these days!

Unknown said...

until now, i couldn't take ampalaya. i try every time but i just couldn't swallow it! :p i have tried another variety called charantia---it looks like ampalaya but it's about a meter long and the texture is not as warty as the regular ampalaya. it's not bitter at all! but i don't see charantia in the market, it was given to me by a neighbor who got it in Marikina.

food brings back memories...the aroma, flavors, who cooked it.

Iska said...

I'm one of those who love ampalaya since childhood. I know. Crazy, isn't it? But it's true. Love it still :-)

Tetcha said...

Ginisang ampalaya is one of our favorite vegetable dishes. We usually cook this at home once every two weeks or once a week if there's a good supply of fresh ampalaya in the grocery. Sarap! Visiting back!

agent112778 said...

i miss this dish :"> GF's mom usualy cook this every time i visit them

here's my share for the weekend

maiylah said...

oh yes, eating that was mandatory in my family as well, while i was growing up. i initially didn't like it, too. lol. but now, i can't seem to get enough of it! :)

thank you so much for sharing this nutritious dish over at Food Friday, Manang Kim

Mrs.D said...

oh,my! I miss this one... I love eating it fresh...parisan sa ginamos ug suka with sili...ayay! kalami...wala ko ka kita ana dire.

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