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Monday, January 23, 2012

Speeding Ticket

I never like driving. My brother has a car and he told me, since you are going to the USA you had better start learning how to drive, but my brothers car is a stick shift I could not figure out how a person could drive those kind of car. I never try nor learn to drive a car. When I arrived here in the US hubby told me that I should drive and by doing so, he is going to teach me. It is different if your husband is the one who teaches you on how to drive a car because I always end up crying. He enrolled me to a driving school and I did was able to drive. My driving instructor told me to be aware of speed limit anywhere. Therefore, I will not get any speeding ticket because it will also affect the car insurance in case I will accumulate plenty of points. I did remember it all the time not to get a speeding ticket. Besides it is speeding ticket is expensive and I do not want to pay for nothing. Anyhow, I learn that the Best Radar Detector is on the market already. In addition, having the Best Radar Detector on the market   will keep anyone who is driving not to get any speeding ticket. I so love to get this kind of radar. Moreover, I think people should have it too, what you think.

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