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Thursday, January 26, 2012

A pink heart tray

The other day I went to Target. I was looking for a tiny tin heart shape but I couldn't find it. What I found is a pink heart shape ice tray. I picked it up and my mind is thinking of what I am going to make for this pink heart shape ice tray. I think I am going to make a red ice heart shape for valentines day.

And then I saw this beautiful tiny little pots I saw in GW a grow kit. In Target it cost $1 each in GW it is only .29 cents what  a deal huh! I picked three pots I picked parsley, sweet basil and carpet of snow. When I get home I start to prepare the tiny pot and put the seeds. Hope to see plants sprouting in this tiny pots.

                                                   Put three tablespoon of lukewarm water.

                                                          See how small the seeds are?

                                             There the seeds go. Hope to see them grow.

                                           You need sunlight and off you go to the window sill.
                                                            Are you starting to plant for spring?
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Chubskulit Rose said...

Or you can make some jello ate and serve mo this valentines day as dessert oh dive. Cute naman! Di ako maswerte sa herb eh hehehe.

Kim, USA said...

Ay oo nga pala sa jello din good idea, Mommy Rose! Thanks!

chubskulit said...

Tapos padalhan mo ko hahaha, kidding. I love jello!

Yannie said...

Nice idea for Valentines....

Spring is fast approaching and I'm so excited when flowers/plants bloom.

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Tal | ThePinayWanderer said...

cute ice tray! :) I used to do planting too, but more of the flowering plants than anything else, I love flowers eh. It's just sad that I can't do it now as the landlord does not allow it. :(

imriz said...

i'm sure when spring time come, ur garden will be teeming with flowers and veggies. ur so masipag:)

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