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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Lutong Pinoy

Hubby and I went to a computer store down south. I told him since we are already in that area where Oriental store are a plenty, I went grocery shopping  for (fish, vegetables, meat). After shopping hubby told me he is hungry so I suggested to him we are going to go try the new Lutong Pinoy restaurant just across the Oriental store. Hubby ordered barbeque, and garlic rice, chopsuey, while I order the crispy pata and lumi. Oh boy it was more than what we expect we have plenty of left over to bring home.

                                         Chopsuey, barbeque and crispy pata, yummy!

                                                        Lumi which I so love too!
                                                                     Are you not hungry yet?

                                                                         FOOD FRIDAY 


i♥pinkc00kies said...


Luna Miranda said...

it's great that there is a Pinoy resto in your area. lomi is perfect for the cold weather you're having.:p

maiylah said...

oooh, love what i see before me! gusto ko lahat...takaw eh, 'no? LOL.

thank you so much for sharing these yummy dishes over at Food Friday, Manang Kim
Happy 2012!

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