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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Gadget We Need At Home

It is Wednesday and tomorrow will be Thanksgiving Day! Yesterday at church, we had a Thanksgiving ceremony with the kids from 3rd grade to 6th grade and it was fun. We asked them about what they are thankful for and pray for it at church. Are the turkeys ready for cooking? On the other hand, are they still thawing? A friend of mine asked me how to cooked turkey and I told her about the herbs that I put inside the turkey and some other “stuff” that makes the turkey moist inside. I remember the first time I cooked my first turkey and host our first Thanksgiving party here at the house. Everything was fine the foods are good I followed the recipe to the “T” until when I took out the turkey from the oven and started to slice. I do not have a proper gadget in cutting the turkey like the electric knife so happy took the slicing and he made it. Then came on how to make the gravy I have hard time at first then hubby came to the rescue so we made the gravy that good nothing was left.
I have so many experienced in the kitchen that when something happened I thought on the last minute I wished that I had the many gadgets for help. Today I found Geek Gadgets and Discount Coupons that you can take online. It is a website you can visit and look for the gadget that you like.  They have what they call Things Remembered coupon and RedEnvelope promo codes that we can use anytime of the day. It is very cool that this site made an effort to make all these gadgets affordable. There is no reason we cannot have it! Happy Thanksgiving to all.

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