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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Deserving Eyes

Zenni eyeglasses  are the result of the most innovative and modern equipment and materials our generation has produce.  Hubby and I had several frustrations with our eyeglasses.  It turns out we spend too much money but the quality of the eyeglasses does not conform of what we pay. It is been several years now that we did not visit our eye doctor for eye check-ups or changing our eyeglasses for the reason that already engrave in our mind, they are only going to give us cheap eyeglasses but we paid more. Later we know that eyeglasses like Zenni are affordable and quality wise it is durable, safety and comfort is fine and for style its perfection. Now I remember that when hubby and I got our first eyeglasses I was surprised at the same time wondering why it looks like old eyeglasses. I looked at hubby while we were inside the car and asked him if this is what we got from what we pay. He told me “yes” but my inner feeling is screaming, “This eyeglasses is not right” because it does look so cheap! At that time, I do not know if we can go back and asked for another frame of eyeglasses or change it but what also came to my mind is that we might pay another fee for the changed. I was frustrated right then but we could not do anything but to get it and never go back. Now that we found Zenni, I am happy because it is affordable as well as stylish and this is what I want.

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Albert Einstein☺ said...

go Manang Kim. wish you the best in your new glasses!!
have a nice day!

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