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Saturday, November 5, 2011

Black Bean Chicken

This is a very easy recipe. Usually hubby won't eat chicken but if I cooked with sauce he likes it very much. This time I find a sauce for black bean chicken.

1 breast chicken (cut in what you desire for the size)
instead of shallots I use onions
black bean chicken sauce
ginger, sliced ( used the ginger paste)

1. In a wok, heat up an oil and fry the chicken till brown. Set aside.
2. The same wok, saute the onion, put the onion then the sauce.
3. Mixed the chicken. Cover and simmer. Turn the heat to very low.
4. It is done!

                                                             This is the sauce that I used.

                                                              YUMMY SUNDAY


kimmy said...

wow! i love chicken!

His Unfailing Love said...

hmmm... this is yummy, kids love it. Thanks for the visit Kim.

A Desire to be Healthy said...

I will try this one, thanks for sharing

raya said...

super yummy! i am hungry now!thanks for the visit, Kim!

imriz said...

yay, loved that lee kum kee. have tried the teriyaki sauce, and the kids loved it:)

Charlotte Wilson said...

Yum...that looks so good!

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