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Monday, October 17, 2011

Nursing scrubs

Last Saturday hubby and I attended his brother’s granddaughters wedding.  The wedding was simple, only family and close family friends were there, and I like it. At the reception, I saw my friend there of all places! She and the bride became friends when they both worked at a store. I asked her what is going on in her life now and she told me she is back in school and thankfully, she is doing fine. It is hard as she says to keep up with school and family but she managed it. This coming month she is going to find a good uniform for her since she is going to the hospital to have her first duty. I told her that she could find a good deal of any kind of nursing scrubs or uniforms in this website and I told her that my hubby’s grandkids love to shopped there for their uniforms. I guess she was glad that she knew where to shop since she has been looking for uniforms for days now and could not find one that suits her taste and style. I bet now she is enjoying what to get for her first hospital duty and hope she is going to finish her schooling.

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