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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Green Leafy Vegetables

The first time I arrived here in the US it doesn't take long I did missed all the vegetables in the Philippines. I missed the Malungay, patola and many vegetables there that I couldn't find here in the US. Thankfully, in some Oriental store they do sell some but it takes me to drive at least 45 minutes just to buy Malungay or Kangkong. This past few weeks I have a good time going to the Farmers Market since I find some of the vegetables there. This one box okra is $2.00 ^_^ next time I will visit farmers market I am going to buy more of this so I could make a pickled okra. ^_^

                                                               GREEN MONDAY


IMRIZ said...

yay! pricey okra:) when, i could only asked for few pieces in my neighbors backyard, hehe. (hubs the only one who eats okra here^_^)
vacation ka na, manang kim, malapit na pasko:)

Shengkay said...

Love ko yung okra steam sya yung nagluluto ka ng rice..pan ko ba explian yun..basta yun yun..hehe
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melandriaonline said...

ooh, ang mahal nya talaga, i love okra with bagoong, thanks for joining.

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