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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Just To Rent

If somebody would ask me where in Canada I like best to live I would say it would be Edmonton, Canada.  I have found from my cousins that apartments for rent in Edmonton, Canada are not hard to find. I look at their website and my cousin was right. Actually, Edmonton is a huge area. You can select which area you like to live and rent. My cousins live somewhere in Sherwood Park, of course, I like to be closer to them too. However, hubby’s work might not allow us to be that close to them. However, my cousin told me that it is okay because we can still see each other on weekend. Most especially if I know the way from my place to their place I can drive by myself which is fine with me. I am very glad that finding an apartment in Edmonton is not hard. There are many apartments to choose from but hubby and I wanted a small place enough for just the two of us. He figures out that we do not stay there forever; he will transfer again in the next few months who knows. But for now I am okay with what we found. It just right to rent an apartment in Edmonton, Canada.

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