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Thursday, August 11, 2011

How to find a Dentist online

Do you know of a Dentist that you like the best? In addition, do you know how to find a Dentist online? There are many websites telling that they are the best Dentist in town but if you dig it more many patients are complaining about their work. Moreover, if you find one you have to keep it for good. I remember our family Dentist when I was in the Philippines he is good. His price is affordable and his work is durable.
The other day I told my hubby to get a Dentist appointment, because I noticed that his teeth are yellow I think it is because he drinks coffee five times a day! However, sad to say his company took out the Dentist insurance and if we go to a Dentist, it would be our own expense. Moreover, it is very hard because I know for sure that the Dentist fees are not cheap. A website that a friend of mine refers too says they can fit our budget. Which when I knew it I did not hesitate to check the website immediately. After all, there is no harm in trying. At there website they have three coupons that you can print. One is about dental treatment which you can save $50.00, second is about cleaning, exam and x-rays you can save $39.00, a single visit for crown you can save $100.00 and  more special offers waiting for you to avail. I am now determined and certain that I can find a good Dentist here and hopefully him or she is my Dentist for life! 

1 comment:

xinex said...

Good luck finding a good one, Kim. I hate going to the dentist...Christine

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