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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Craving for prawn

Today, I am craving for prawn or big shrimps. In the Philippines we just go to the market early in the morning and go to our favorite seafood vendor and there it is your fresh seafood is waiting for you.
I had bought several packs of prawns here  but it is already frozen. It is very different when it is fresh and you can see it is still moving or jumping ^_^.  This photo was taken the last time I visited my family in the  Philippines. To cooked this we put 7-up and just salt. The 7-up make the prawn a bit sweet but not too sweet it just enhance a real good taste. And with a lot of hot rice I am so happy with this food.

1 comment:

maiylah said...

we use 7-up or sprite at home to cook the shrimps, too! yup, fresh is different; it's juicier and tastier. but frozen is better than nothing! :)

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