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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Camote Tops A Possible Cure For Dengue?

photo source Wikipedia
Every year, DENGUE claims lives in our country. The debilitating viral disease, transmitted by mosquitoes, usually peaks during the rainy seasons since the insects breed in damp, wet places. But an effective dengue cure may be much simple - and cheaper - than the costly hospitalization and medicines that patients usually get.
A number of people have reported that boiling camote tops (talbos ng kamote) in water and drinking the liquid bring immediate positive results in a patient suffering from dengue. An email circulating around the Internet claims that a seven year old girl had dengue and had a platelet was back to normal. 
Wikipedia notes on its website that "sweet potato tops are excellent sources of antioxidative compounds, mainly polyphenolicsm which may protect the human body from oxidative stress is is associated with many diseases including cancer and cardiovascular diseases.

However, the Department of Health in the Philippines are way in claining that camote tops may be an effective cure to dengue since no research has been conducted to confirm its therapeutic properties. But for loved ones of those who may be languishing from the diseas, the camote top juice may be worth the try. Just make sure that the patient gets professional medical treatment as well.


maiylah said...

oo nga, problema na naman dengue dito...drinking the liquid from boiled camote tops is a good idea. :)

Kim, USA said...

Yup and it is healthy pa.

xinex said...

Interesting! I love camote leaves and camote too...Christine

Kim, USA said...

Same here Christine. I don't know if we can make a salad of their decorative camote tops here?

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