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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

It's fun to have new gadgets

Do you like to coop up with the new gadgets in town but don't have the know how to buy it cheap or where to find it online? I have a nephew who is a geek. We call him a geek because all the new gadgets in town he has it.And when you asked him what's the latest gadgets in town he will tell you right away.

The other day we went to a kids birthday and he was there too. I like him though because he is very respectable guy and he doesn't show to people that he is a geek ^_^. So while eating I asked him right away what's the latest gadgets that he knew about and I told him I am looking for something new for my new kitchen and for my photography accessories as well as a site that could give me a discount for my hubby's business card. As I expected he is very helpful in my needs and I am thankful of him because in our discussion he told me to visit the Gadgets Blog. Where in I found out beautiful gadgets in town. I was kind of a little girl that every time I look at every page I am telling hubby I want this and that hehehe. But before I visit the blog I bluntly asked him how he was able to buy all the beautiful gadgets he has. And he told me that he used Carbonite offer codes and for business cards Vistaprint coupons. I told him that he is so smart because I also found out that those who shop for groceries that use coupons could save a lot of money. And here he is doing the same thing not for groceries but the latest gadgets in town, how cool is that!! Anyway, I am impressed of how he is managing his money and I'd like to use coupons or codes to buy online specially that I need it for my hobbies. And I think to all my friends you've got to do it too!! What you think?

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Goodies for a pleasant life said...

Hi Kim, you can copy my applecake recipe, but if you publish please link back to my blog! :) LG Tina

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