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Monday, July 25, 2011

Data Graphics

Do you wonder where all this custom labels we see in all our appliances, cars, etc are being made and who made them? As far as I knew it was made by Data graphics and that they had many kinds of labeling and design for  a certain product. When I see custom label anywhere I like to read it do you? Somehow it give me more information about the product itself or how much they could serve you. One thing that I love to read is when I am inside an elevator. I love to read what is written on the custom label and it brings me knowledge that they we are already over loaded so one or two has to get out from this elevator, hehehe. I don't want to be mean but it's just that I want to follow what is written on the custom label itself.
You see some people don't care nor try to follow orders. And custom label are made for us to follow from the manufacturer of the said product. I remember moon ago  that I can only see this aluminum plate kind of custom label. But as time and goes by I noticed that even the labels become good looking and it has colors too. Not the ordinary gray or silver color which is for me added the appeal of the certain product. And also what I do like to do is to take pictures of custom label because you knew why some do misspelled words. That's why for any manufacturers who put custom label in their product has to choose the service of Data graphics because they are proven already for years!! 

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