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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Miracle-Gro my help

If you are a follower, a fan or lurker here in my blog. I always says that I think I do have a green thumb and many people also commented on that, that I do have it. Thinking about it I can say there is a truth about it and at the same time I can't also say that I don't have any help from outside sources. Well then what is that? Some people ask me. I told them that a good soil is very important like Miracle-Gro potting mix. My hubby who grew in the farm know so much that he is the one who told me that when we plant in a pot it must be a good soil not just a soil that I could get from our back yard. Well then he was right, since I came here in the US 7 years ago, I knew the difference between the Miracle-Gro potting mix and the soil in our backyard. The Miracle-Gro potting mix has moisture on it that it won't dry up so easily unlike the ordinary soil from the backyard. 
Last week, I told hubby that I want to plant different herbs since I like fresh herbs put in my cooking. So we our first trip to the store and there I purchase two bags of Miracle-Gro potting mix and of course plant food. Having two of this products made me feel trustful that my plants is going to grow faster and more productive because I've been using this since hubby introduced this to me years ago. I even put plant food in all my trees that I planted in the ground and they just shoot up and grow so well.
Yesterday, I was with six of my girlfriends and we are comparing notes of what we are going to plant this year and of course we all agree on one product Miracle-Gro and one of my girlfriend informed us that Miracle-Gro has a video called America's Test Kitchen C , and I heard myself saying, what?? Really!! And she added that it has a cooking video (which I love to see because I love to cook) then recipes!! What a deal huh?? When I arrived home last night I checked it immediately and I so love it. It's very cool!! I then thought of  all my friends who claimed they can't grow a plant nor they can't cook. Come on friends, ^_^ no more alibis you can do it, watch the videos and you will be inspired. ^_^

Miracle-Gro and America’s Test Kitchen Cook Up Fresh Ideas from Your Garden

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