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Thursday, May 26, 2011

I need to buy carrots..

Lately, almost everyday I spotted deers at our backyard. Before they stood up where my garden was located. But the other day three came very close to our house. Hubby spotted them and he called me immediately and showed me the deers. I was excited right away I grabbed my camera and hide at the window. After taking pictures I told hubby that I am going to buy carrots and salt for them. Hubby love the idea for he also like to watched animals in our backyard.

They look like skinny to me. Hubby said it's because we came from Winter and there is not much food that they could find... so I have to feed them, right?

1 comment:

xinex said...

Awww, poor deer, so skinny. Good thing you are there to feed them. They frequent our backyard too but not as much anymore since we built the pool but they are always in the neighborhood...Christine

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